Jul 8 2017

UpBeat Orchestra - Magic Of Motown July 22, 2017 Performance!


UpBeat Orchestra’s most spectacular event of the year! Enjoy a full night of food, fun, and dancing…a  delicious dinner followed by the magical music of Motown, performed by Chicago’s own “UpBeat Orchestra,” featuring vocal sensations Precious Taylor, Curtis Bryant, Karla Leroy, and Victor Brinson. This event will sell out fast. Book your ticket(s) today, before it’s too late.
Upbeat Orchestra will perform at St James Hall with a 10-piece orchestra, and featuring national superstar Precious Taylor!!

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St James Hall
9640 Kennedy Avenue
Highland, IN 46322

UpBeat will perform a balanced playlist that musically connects with everyone!

This special concert will feature UpBeat’s “soul-singing-superstar-funkmaster” Curtis Bryant, heavy weight vocal champion Victor Brinsen, Chicago’s very own vocal virtuoso Precious Taylor, vocal virtuoso (read about her in Guiness) Karla Beard-Leroy, insanely-multi-talented (3 musicians in one!) pianist/vocal Reid Spears, UpBeat’s secret weapon guitar hero virtuoso Casey Ostrowski (aka “KC”), Kevin Kizer, Norman Palm, Ron Haynes, and Mike Cascio on Drums.

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Come out and celebrate this American art form!!


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