Why choose UpBeat?

Michael Cascio Orchestra performs at The Drake Hotel Chicago Grand Ball Room

The Presentation

Unlike many other groups, our front vocalists project a warm, distinctive, and fun presentation, making the dance floor inviting, and when appropriate, will tastefully interact with the audience.

Quality Musicianship

Our mission statement: ‘Committed to musical excellence, we create unforgettable memories.’  Our group is a real family of exceptional and versatile talent – and having played together extensively, you won’t see our musicians “buried in the sheet music.”  Our front line has national performance credits ranging from The Temptations to R Kelly.

Dance party by design

UpBeat Band performs wedding celebration at the Allerton Chicago

Our orchestra rehearses song medleys that seamlessly segue from one song to another, and create a balanced “dance party” momentum by design.  With our insight, experience, and preparation, we go the extra mile to make sure all the important music and hosting details you choose are executed perfectly.  Also, we like to plan music and dance party concepts that makes the event special and distinctive–for example, at a recent dance party, we had the bridesmaids join the band on stage for the last chorus of the salsa party song ‘Hot Hot Hot’ – this was a huge hit with the family.

A great value with proven reliability

When we say we are ‘Chicago’s entertainment source,’ what we mean is that you are not paying a group of salespeople, a middleman, or exorbitant CEO style premiums to get a world class group – including all administration, sound and lights. The complete service we provide is all ‘in house’ – we don’t job out sound or AV, we have a dedicated pro sound engineer, and with our insight, experience, and preparation, we go the extra mile to make sure all the important details you choose are executed perfectly – including necessary rehearsal, specialty songs, and custom arrangements.  You can view our extensive client list and sourced references on our site, and we invite you to come see us perform!  Complete planning, necessary hosting, pro tech support – such as use of cordless mics, is always included at no extra charge.

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