The UPBEAT BAND performs for Mary and Dave’s Wedding at Chicago Illuminating Company!


Only one problem with this performance: Security had to ask people to stop dancing on the furniture!!!! What an exciting gig for the!!!  Our entire group was excited and proud to perform our music with heart and soul in celebration with the family - and we enjoyed rehearsing and performing “Let My Love Open The Door” (Pete Townshend), You Make Me Feel So Young (Sinatra),  preparing customized sets, etc., to make the event special. We customized the set with mostly classics (that Mary chose), and several contemporary, including “I Got A Feeling.” After the party, KC (our guitar hero) and our vocalists agreed this was one of the very best dance celebrations we ever played for!  UpBeat also learned special songs for the Father/Daughter Mother/Son dances. Mary became friends with the band during the planning process, and was nice enough to write a review for our upbeat chicago wedding bands on Martha Stewart’s Site:

” …Michael Cascio and the Upbeat Band were the highlight of our wedding day! The learned songs especially for our wedding which we thought was perfect for us because we have a large variety of songs/music that we wanted to hear. They played for hours and no one left the dance floor the entire night. The only problem we had was the people wanted to dance on the furniture (that is obviously against what we signed in our venue contract ;) Looking back at picture, everyone is so happy and laughing and jumping all over. It really shows us how great the upbeat band was! People were chanting - ONE MORE TIME, ONE MORE TIME! after songs that they would play! I can’t thank them enough. My husband and I can’t wait to go see them at festivals or other venues they play at..…” -Mary and Dave

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Mary and Dave Wedding, Chicago Illuminating Company

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